Trade setup for 9th July

 Yesterday was a bad expiry. I lost around 1lak. I did not expect markets to fall so much. The day before yesterday I was in good profit, but yesterday fall wiped it. Anyway, it's within risk management that I define for myself. 

The good part is that the Zerodha account closed in green. I had implemented the same strategy in huge volumes in my account, which gave profit, but other strategies gave huge losses. 

Now the delta variant of the virus is causing the issue. Japan has gone on lockdown and there won't be any spectators for the Olympics. When a mega sports event like this is in danger, it does create a lot of repercussions on other industries like aviation, hospitality etc

The cases are rising even in South Korea, Indonesia etc.  

Now many countries are mandating tourists to get a vaccine before entering the country.

In India, there is a vaccine shortage. Many states like Maharashtra, TN are having shortages.

Yesterday, we had the TCS results. Their India growth declines 14%. The revenue growth also disappointed. So that will be in focus today. It might fall in today's trade. I thought of doing an event trade on this yesterday, but I did not do it as I was busy managing the loss trades I had. 

Tomorrow we have Dmart results. So even that will be in focus.

There are IITians and educated ministers in the cabinet reshuffling. I hope they perform for the post they are given and not be like the previous IIT ministers we had. Let's see if this is a good decision or not.

Pfizer is developing a booster for the new delta variant. 

I am seeing 15600 as a key point. If this is broken on the lower side then we might fall further. I will take aggressive short positions if that is broken. 

A few weeks back we were worried about inflation. Now it's the macros and new covid variant which is giving new problems. 

The US bond yield dipped to 1.25%. Some say it is technical and some say its growth triggered this. 

The US jobless claims were more than expected. 


  1. Yesterday I closed some trades early as I had to close them in loss. So I took the below trade.
    1. -1 X 15650ce
    2. -1 X 15650pe
    3. -2 X 15300pe
    4. +2 X 15100pe
  2. If TCS falls heavily(>10%) today then I will be selling put and will take delivery if it falls further.
  3. Banks are collapsing again. Usually, what rallied more will be punished more. So, I will be doing the below strategy 
    1. +1 X 35000ce
    2. -1X 35500ce
    3. -1 X 35600ce
    4. -1 X 35700ce
    5. -1 X 35800ce
  1. The US markets fell close to 500 points at the opening and recovered some from its bottom. But today the US futures are in red.
  2. Europe also closed in the red.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in the red led by nikkei. SGX is suggesting a 80 point gap down
  1. Surprisingly the crude is falling and is close to $74 per barrel. 
  2. $ is at Rs 74
  1. FII sold for 500+cr
  2. DII sold for 900+cr
  3. FII has been selling for some time now. So this is a sell on rise markets now.