Trade setup for 10th August

 The markets are choppy. In these markets, SL hunting will happen on both sides. The markets were almost felt yesterday on a closing basis but it did move a lot intraday. This was expected as we had a very strong rally in the last week. Usually, the rest of the monthly series will be silent if there is a week that was very strong. As I told you before, In this scenario, a short straddle will work wonderfully.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is making a foray into the airlines. Aviation has been a bad sector for all the players. Not many companies are in profit. Let's see if jhujhunwla can change the rules of the game. His company is hiring veterans of the jet airways.

Now all companies are betting on renewable energy, battery energy sector. RIL made an acquisition of an American company which deals with battery energy storage. Even Jhunjhunwala is buying a stake in Syska.

The global markets are also calm. So nothing much happening in the global markets as well.

Now the FED is talking about tapering its asset purchases and is also thinking about a rate hike as well. So the US markets are flat. Will this begin the correction?

It's only nifty and banknifty which is rallying. The broader markets are down. Midcaps are down, smallcaps are down. Will they catch up with the nifty or will nifty correct is a big question. 

The US senate has passed the $1 trillion Infrastructure bill.  


  1. Yesterday, in my Zerodha account, I did a mistake trade due to which I had to lose 1000rs.
  2. I executed 16350 short straddles and closed them intraday with a profit of 250rs per set and then took 16200 short straddles which I closed for 500rs per set. Now I am carrying 16250 short straddles for today.
  3. I took the trade in Adani ent which is in a minor loss

  1. The US markets closed in the red
  2. Europe was flat
  3. Today Asian markets are also flat.
  4. SGX is suggesting a flat start
  1. After falling to below $68. Crude recovered a bit. It is now at $69
  2. $ is at Rs 74
  1. FII bought for 200cr and DII sold for 700cr.