Trade setup for 25th August

 Markets have made the highest close yesterday. Nifty is close to all time high. The problem is not nifty as it was always close to its all time high. The problem was banknifty and yesterday even banknifty rallied. The HDFC bank was a major contributor to the rally. It was a clear trending day and banknifty gave the trend sign early in the day. 

Bajaj finance and bajaj finserv were major gainers in yesterday's trade. Both gained significantly as they got permission to set up asset management company. Baj finance is coming out with a app which will help in its lending biz. 

The courts have given some relief to airtel in the AGR issue. So that might be in focus today and there can be a rally there.

Some experts are telling that there wont be any major 3rd wave and are asking children to be more careful.

Many sectors rallied yesterday. The metals, IT, banks everyone contributed to yesterday's rally.

China has put regulations for companies that go public in China and also overseas.

The afghan crisis is growing day by day. Now G7 is putting pressure on taliban to set up an inclusive government. 

The US markets were flat but Nasdaq made another record close and closed above 15k.

The next event which the world is keep an eye is the Jackson hole summit.

Both the dow and nasdaq made an all time high.

The US House passed the $3.5 trillion budget bill


  1. I was able to make around 1lak of profit in yesterday's intraday trading.
  2. I had to do adjustments to my Bajaj finance trade. I had sold 7000ce sometime back and yesterday bajaj finance rallied and now that trade was in danger. I converted that to short straddle and now I am managing it. I have 2 more days to manage that trade. Lets see how it goes.
  3. I had to do adjustments on my adani ent trade as well. Even this is very volatile. It has been moving all over the place in this month.
  4. I am not very bullish on the markets for today. I feel that the gap up will be sold into. I will be taking trades accordingly. Lets see how it goes.
  1. The US markets were positive. The US futures are mildly negative.
  2. Europe also closed in the mixed note. FTSE and DAX was in green but CAC was in red.
  3. Toda the Asian markets are in the green but some of the markets have given up some of the early gains. 
  4. SGX is suggesting a +ve start.
  1. Markets are rallying and FII are selling. Its the DII which is supporting the markets.
  2. FII sold for 1600+cr and DII bought for 2300+cr
  1. Crude is shooting after the Mexico allowed the use of another vaccine which boosted the consumption sentiment. 
  2. Crude is now again above $70