Trade setup for 27th August

 Yesterday was a flat expiry. It was a wonderful expiry for all the option sellers as they were able to pocket the premium. I did not expect the monthly expiry to be so calm. Usually, it will not be calm but yesterday was an exception. Even the volumes in the exchange were very low. 

ICICI bank touched 700 and there was some pull back as the volume in that candle was very high. I even warned in my telegram channel. I expected icici to lead the further rally or fall but that did not happen. Other banking stocks fell after that.

The bajaj finance is now going to a consolidation phase. For adjustment, I had sold 8000ce for the September series, which is a wonderful profit, and I will be carrying that.

In this expiry, my view on bajajfin, adani ent was totally wrong, but I was able to exit the trades in profit. This is the power of hedging and options trading. SRF was the only trade that worked the way I wanted it. 

Reliance lifescience has given trails for the covid drug. So even RIL was in green yesterday.

New drone rules have been put and this will definitely help in innovation. There may be air taxis which can be a reality soon.

There was a blast at the Kabul airport that killed 13 people. Will there be retaliation from the US ? Biden has told that the bombers will not be spared.

Madras court has directed to make bumper to bumper insurance mandatory for all cars. So cars will be expensive. Today autos will be in pressure and insurance companies might raly

All eyes are now on the Jackson hole. 

Nifty futures has been almost flat for the last 3 days. Usually, there will be a huge movement in the coming days once this happens. Will it be on the upside or downside is a million-dollar question.

The covid cases are again rising in the country, especially in the state of Kerala. I will be getting my 2nd shot tomorrow.


  1. I was able to make a profit of 1000 for this week in my zerodha account.
  2. In yesterday's intraday trade, I was able to make around 2lak profit.
  3. The nifty trade which I took yesterday(shared in yesterday blog) is also in the green. I may add to that position if nifty goes to green. I am expecting markets to fall in the month of September because as I told you before, RSI is above 70, FII selling continuously and nifty rallying for a long time now. 
  4. Keeping my position low till Monday as we have Jackson hole
  1. The US markets closed in the red as there was some jittry ahead of a major event. Dow snapped its 5 day gain.
  2. Europe also closed in the red. 
  3. Today the Asian markets are in green. SGX is suggesting a +ve start.
  1. I am surprised how nifty managed to end in the green when FII sold for 2kcr and DII bought for only 1000cr. I am not sure if any bulk deal was there.
  2. I don't know if retailers are confident or over confident. Time will answer that.
CRUDE and $
  1. Crude is rising and is now again back to $71
  2. $ is at Rs 74