Trade setup for 03rd September

I am sorry as I could not write the blog for 2 days as I have started to goto jogging in the morning and it was getting late. From today I have started waking a little early so that the blog is not missed.

Coming to markets, we are in a very very strong bull run. Markets are in no mood to correct. Now I won't be surprised if nifty runs to 25000 also. The best part is that there is no known good news that is propelling the markets. If you were an investor a year ago, it was a no brainer game. You blindly invest in 10 companies and I am sure 9 of them would be in wonderful profit. Everyday nifty is clocking 150+ points. Now 150 has become the norm. I sold some of my portfolio sometime back. Yesterday I sold some more as I feel that markets are overbought. I might be wrong and I may miss another big rally from here. I will enter when there is a good correction else I will consider it as a missed opportunity. Missing an opportunity is better than repenting by investing at wrong times.

There is huge money from FII as $ is slightly cheaper and most of the retail money is now flowing to markets via MF and DII are forced to invest even at these valuations.

Options premiums are low. Yesterday in the morning the ATM straddle was at 70 and nifty moved 150 points. 

For many days, all including me is telling that the markets are in an overbought condition but the markets are just proving us wrong. For yesterday's expiry, I did not expect the 17200 to be broken but that happened with ease. I did not trade yesterday and was kinda saved. 

From today I will stick to intraday trades. I will do intraday trades in my account today. From Monday, I will start in my client's accounts as well.

All sectors are on fire. IT is consolidating as it already had a good rally and USD-INR is falling. 

Banks are on fire. Reliance reached 2300 and led the rally for nifty. 

SRF has come out with a bonus with 4:1

Mandatory bumper to bumper insurance may not happen as the courts have given it to IRDA to consider.

Now auto industries are in deep problem as the semiconductor shortage issue is intensifying. Toyota told that they will reduce production sometime back and now maruti is joining them.

Now there are new varients of covid in south Africa, Cambodia etc but no one seems to care anymore. Stocks markets are not even considering covid these days.

RSI of nifty is above 80 now. This is time to be cautious as the fall can be sever as well. There will be some news which will trigger the fall and markets may fall 300+ points. This is how bull markets usually work. 

The US markets made another record close. S&P and nasdaq made a record close. 

The real estate prices are also on the rise not just in India but worldwide.


  1. As I told, I closed some of my portfolio which were in good profits.
  2. I did not trade yesterday as I am setting the system for intraday trades.
  1. Yesterday both FII and DII bought for 350+cr.
  1. Crude is trading at $73
  2. $ is at Rs 73