Options Trading mentorship


Mentoring program is for full time traders who trade for living. In this program you will be sitting with us in our office from morning 9-4 and learn the art of trading successfully. 
We will help you to identify the trends and take trades accordingly based on your risk appetite.
All trades will be taken after thorough discussion and understanding the risks. 
You will learn how to work on market psychology as we will be guiding you in your trades. 
This is a 2 month program where you will be taught all the nuance of trading in options. You should be able to easily trade yourself after this. You can still come to our office after 2months and work with us for a small coworking space fee. 
There are around 8-9 strategies, some of which are proprietary strategies which will be taught. 
10 lak an above

This is the stock market and no one can give any guarantee on the returns. However, we have been able to make 5% ROI on our capital per month on an average. Our trade ledgers are updated and shown to the public every quarter on our youtube channel.

Rs 50,000 Only
Get in touch on whatspp(+91 9686572262) if you are interested in the mentoring program. 
If you are not a full time trader then we would not suggest you this. If you want to earn passively from stock market then you can buy our "Options trading model" course. Please register to the below webinar if you need more details on the "Option trading model"
 This program is not for you in case you are looking for someone who will give you a magic wand which will double your money overnight.
This program is not for you if you are attracted by the MTM screenshots which were posted and dreaming that you can also have the same after the workshop.
This workshop is not for you if you are not passionate about stock markets and trading.
If you have already lost in the stock market and if you think you will be able to recover all loses after this program then pls pls stay away.

This program Is for you if you are aware of derivatives trading, especially options trading and want to gain expertise in this kind of trading.
This is for you if you aspire to be a full-time trader in the future with adequate capital.
This is for you if you planning to make a decent income by reutilizing the financial assets like FD, mutual funds, equity etc
This is for you if you want to get an edge in trading and if you want to make a new beginning by trading options the right way 
1. This is not a basics course. I expect the participants to know the basics. 
2. One should know the basics of the stock market. This workshop is not for newbies.
3. One should know the basics of the derivative market like futures, options, open interest, volumes, etc
4.  One should know to read the charts and candles, the difference between futures and options, what is open interest, difference between OI and volumes. 

5. Experience of trading in Futures and options markets experience will be an added benefit but not mandatory.
6. One should have a capital of at least 2-3 lakh so that they can use the strategies learned to the fullest.
7. If you are totally new to trading then consider going through the "Options trading model" course.


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