Trade setup for 12th November


Pakistan is finally out of the world cup. Well played Australia. I am telling this by being an Indian at heart. But from a neutral point of view, the Pakistan team has improved a lot in all aspects. They played really well. But luck did not favour in the last. Australians are classy players. It will be nice to see today's match between NZ and Aus.

Coming to markets, yesterday was another volatile day as it was an expiry day. Nifty fell more than 200 points and then there was a short-covering rally in the second half and there was some recovery.

Now we are at 50DMA. So let's see if 50 DMA gets broken or will it be supported. Usually, 20DMA acts as strong support and most of the time 50DMA gets broken. So I will not be surprised if 50 DMA is broken on the lower side. But we are in bull markets and people just need some reason to take the markets higher.

Nykaa continued its rally for the second day as well. It opened in the red but managed to close in the green.

Zomato numbers were bad but the stock was up by 5%. I don't understand what investors are looking for in this. 

Today you have a lot of companies that are coming out with numbers. So it can be a volatile day as well.

Tata steel numbers did not meet expectations. So that might be under pressure today.

Rakesh jhunjhunwala is ordering planes from Boeing for his new airline's venture.

The US markets fell but the fall was not brutal. Now there is huge money which is chasing the EV's. Rivian shot up and its market cap is more than GM.


  1. Yesterday I did implement the 9:20 straddle in nifty and I was able to make 1% of the capital. The capital deployed was small. I think I will continue to do the 9:20 straddle on expiry days as it can be managed easily on expiry than on other days. I am not comfortable in doing this on other days.
  2. This week was a good week as I was able to make a good profit in the positional trades and my monthly trades are also in good shape.
  3. Today is Hindalco numbers. I am planning for an earning trade. Not sure though. Will update my social media if I take a trade. Dont copy that as adjustments can be very brutal if things go wrong. It's just for educational purposes so that you will get an idea of how I do it
  1. There is optimism that inflation has peaked and Nasdaq shot up. It gained more than 0.5%. Dow closed in the red.
  2.  Europe closed in the green.
  3. Today the US futures are in the green and the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a 50 point gap. Let's see if there will be follow-through buying or will be sold into.
  1. FII are not having any mercy. They are continuously selling. Yesterday they sold for 1600cr and DII bought for 450cr.
  2. It will be interesting to see if markets will make all time high if FII turns buyers.
  1. Crude is at $83
  2. $ is t Rs 74.5