Trade setup for 03 rd Jan 2022

 Happy new year to all my readers. I hope this year will bring more happiness and prosperity in everyone's life and let the world get rid of the pandemic as soon as possible. I am sure there will be a lot of people who would have joined gym, yoga etc as new year resolution. I hope you continue that without leaving in between. It's good to have goals that are practical, sensible and achievable. Coming to health, food is the more addictive and biggest enemy. The first goal of yours should be to reduce intake and then concentrate more on yoga, gym or whatever. Even I have some new year goals. Let's see how much I can achieve this year. Here is a glimpse of the goals which I have for this year

  • Eat less(75% of what I am eating now)
  • Add more sources of income by investing in biz other than stock market for diverfications.
  • Delegate some of my job to others so that I can be little free
  • Add more accounts for management
  • Spend more time with family
Coming to market, this is the first week of this year. It looks like we have had a breakout for the channel. Lets see if there will be follow-through. If there is then I will be an aggressive bull for this monthly expiry and today's low will be the SL.

Now covid has become a persistent issue for the 3rd year. Now everyone is becoming impatient with restrictions. Let's hope that this year will be the end of this virus.
The interesting part is that the FII have turned buyers. Was it just for year end adjustments or do they really believe ?? We will find out very soon.

For the first quarter, we will have budget, UP elections. So you can expect volatility in this quarter. This month we have the earning season which will begin and the direction of the market will depend on the outcome of that.

The auto sales data which came out was mixed. Tata motors numbers were good but maruti, hero, bajaj, escorts, m&m were bad. 

The Asian stocks are mixed today. In china, Evergrande trading has been halted. So it looks like the saga will continue for 2022 as well. Now we need to see if this problem is just China related or will is explode globally.

I want to add a word of caution for people who are planning to buy RBL bank because it is cheap. It can get cheaper. So avoid these kinds of news-driven stock as it might be riskier.

  1. I will do some stock options trading for this month as we have earnings. I have not yet decided on which stock yet. Will update the trade in my social media channels very soon.
  2. I had shared a trade on all social media on a strategy for this week. That strategy is in a minor loss of 2k. Will act and do adjustments if things go out of hand today. For now, no need of any.
  3. I will be selling PE of many stocks and will be ready to take delivery if things fall.
  1. US markets closed in the green for the month. It fell 60 points on Friday. 
  2. Today the Asian markets are slightly flat to negative. Looks like people are not yet out of their hangover. SGX is suggesting a slight -ve start.
  1. On Friday, FII bought for 575cr and DII bought for 1165cr
  1. Crude is at $77
  2. $ is at Rs 75