Trade setup for 07th Feb

 The Chinese markets have shot up 2% after they came from a lang vacation. 

The US job data was good and this has given sleepless nights to the FED as the inflation fears are now real. We need to see how FED will handle this.

This week we have the RBI policy. Will RBI surprise us??

The Russia-Ukraine issue is getting escalated and now more troops are moved to their borders. The US has deployed troops in Poland and Russian planes are flying over Belarus.

On Friday, Amazon came out with results and it shot up more than 13%. The meta platforms closed in the red again after falling 22%. Snap shot up 58%. Now its confusing whether the tech sector in the US is correcting or not.

Now many countries are opening their gates for the tourists. Now you can expect the airlines, hospitality stocks to rally or I would say that there wont be much fall from here. So one can invest in a phased manner. The only challenge now is the Russia-Ukraine.

ITC came out with its results and there was not much move. Again people started making memes on that. But if you see this month, it has gone up from 210 to 235 which is more than 10%. 

The nightingale of India passed away yesterday and she was sent with all-state honours. She will definitely be missed.

Oil prices are soaring and this will definitely have an impact on the stock market.

Today SBI will react to earnings.


  1. I did this adjustment trade in ITC as the trade which I took before budget was in danger. I had to react as there will be IV crash especially in this stock as it is known for not moving. Now that the earning is over and budget is over, not much news for this stock to move. So I did this
    1. -2 X 250CE
    2. -2 X 225PE
  2. I am selling deep OTM PE in TCS, maruti and will take delivery if markets fall.
  1. The US markets were mixed. Dow was flat and Nasdaq closed in the green by gaining 1%. All thanks to Amazon.
  2. European markets closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX is 65 points lower.
  1. $ is at Rs74.6
  2. Crude is trading above 90 and is at $92.5
  1. FII slowed down a little and now again they have started selling. On Friday they have sold for 2200+cr and DII have bought for 621cr