Trade setup for 24th Feb

 Now Russia has attacked Ukaraine via technology. Russia has attacked a lot of Ukrainian bank sites. The troops are increasing at the borders. The crude is rising. For now, again the war threat seems to be real.

The US has imposed new sanctions on Russia, but Russia does not seem to care.

The US FED state is in more dilemma now. Now in case, this escalates further then they will be forced to postpone their plans to increase the rates. They may have to print more currency to keep the economy floating.

The commodities which is produced by Russia and Ukaraine is in great demand now and the prices are surging. Eg Wheat, oil etc.

Still, the world leaders are confused as to what step Putin can take.

Today we may retest 200 DMA again. But today is the monthly expiry and there will be volatility.

The UNSC is holding an emergency meeting as Russia is planning to attach Ukaraine.

Oil is at $98. 

Ukaraine has set an emergency.


  1. I was sitting in wonderful profit yesterday and today the profit will go down by at least 30%. I will be doing a lot of firefighting. Let's see if there will be recovery which I doubt. But it is monthly expiry, anything can happen.
  2. Today I will take some positions for the March series if there is some sanity in the market.
  1. Now the entire world markets are collapsing. The US markets closed in red.
  2. Europe closed in red. 
  3. Today the Asian markets are in deep red. SGX is suggesting a deep red start.
  1. Crude is at $98
  2. $ is at Rs 75


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