Trade setup for 19th Jan

 When you feel the low is formed, markets give you more surprises. In the last 2 days, markets have rallied almost 300 points. Today SGX is suggesting a -ve start. It was expected that there would be some pullback if markets rally 300 points in 2 days. I still stick to my view that this is a buy-on-dips market. I don't think 18k will be taken out today. For the Jan monthly series, I don't believe that 17800 will be taken out. But, you never know. 

The US handover is not good as the US markets fell drastically. The recession fears are back again. Apple is the only tech giant that has not yet fired employees. Microsoft is planning to fire 10k employees. In the Us, when the banks don't post good numbers, the markets usually fall. In the last few days, Goldman sacks, jp morgan numbers were not good, but the US markets did not react much. It looks like it reacted lately yesterday.

A helicopter crash has killed some of the top officials of Ukraine. Not sure if this was done by Russia.

Banknifty is weak compared to nifty. We need to see if SBI numbers can change the game. Usually, when banknifty is weak, SBI numbers have changed the trend. 

Adani ent FPO is priced at 3100 which is almost 20% discount on the current market price. I have 3100 pe sold for jan series. I want it to stay in this range for another 5 days. After that, I don't mind :)

Now all eyes on the budget. We need to see if there is a pre budget rally in the next week. This is the last budget of this govt before the 2024 elections. So there is a lot of hope by investors. 

This is the longest fall which the techs are seeing after 2008 in the US. Till now, techs were the favorite sector. Is this the end of techs or is this just some kind of a correction?? I feel that the techs will stabilize and grow linearly and not exponentially from here. In the early 70's and 80's autos were the favorite sector. Then after 2000, you could see that the auto growth was linear. I feel the same will be the case of techs as well. If AI, ML do something revolutionary then maybe the tech rally will have steam.


  1. Yesterday algo gave a decent profit of almost 1%. For the month it is at 16%.
  2. I am selling 18k pe for today with whatever money I have left. 
  3. Most of my positional trade for this week is in profit despite my view going wrong. 
  4. For next week I will execute the below trade
    1. +1 X 18000pe
    2. -3 X 17600pe
    3. -3 X 17500pe
    4. -3 X 17400pe
  1. Dow fell 600 points reporting a worst day in this year. Nasdaq fell 150 points.
  2. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX is down by 90 points.
  1. Crude at $84.2
  2. $ at Rs 81.4
  1. FII sold for 300+cr and DII bought for 1200+cr