Trade setup for 20th Feb

 Now I am confident that Indian markets will make ATH very soon. May be in march.

When foreign forces use to demean India, you can be sure that India is on the right track. Till now it was Hindenburg and now George Soros. He felt that India's democracy was in danger because Modi and Adani group cheated India. Now I am getting more confident about investing in Adani's. We have elections in 2024 and it looks like foreign forces want to influence the internal matter of our country.

Dr Jaishankar has given correct reply to him telling he is old, rich and dangerous. These people feel that democracy is in danger if the output does not suit them.

Again Tatas are for rescue. They are not planning to fire anyone. Instead, they are planning to hire the people who were fired by startups.

Companies like Wipro have revised their initial paycheck to freshers from 6.5lk to 3.5lak.

This is the monthly expiry week and expect markets to be volatile. Also, we have a lot of events. We have PMI data in the US and EU. We have fed minutes. 

We are in the make-of-break region. Nifty is hovering around 18000. We need some good trigger to break out from here and go higher. The probability of markets going higher is more from here than falling. 

Last year on the last day of the monthly expiry there was a Russia-Ukraine war breakout and nifty fell 800 points on that day. So don't be overconfident if your trades are winning. I am not saying that something will happen this time. Anything can happen at any time.

Nifty is struggling to cross 18k and it is not falling significantly also. It's in a consolidation phase. If you see a longer chart, nifty has been rallying since 2020. So I feel that this consolidation will last longer. The volatility will be there. See yesterday, nifty fell almost 150 points from highs. But from Feb 1st it has hardly moved 200 points. The more these range-bound markets last, the stronger will be the rally.


  1. My algo gave a wonderful profit of around 6k yesterday. Now it is in profit for the month.
  2. Send a whatsapp message to 9686572262 if you want to subscribe to the algo. I will provide more details there.
  3. For this week, 18100 ce and 17500pe can be sold. I have taken huge positions in these 2.
  4. The kotak trade which I took at the start of the month is in decent profit. I had made some adjustments to increase the profit. Without adjustments also its in good profit. I am planning to do the same for the next month as well.
  1. The US markets are cracking again. Dow gained almost 130 points but the nasdaq was weak. It fell 85 points.
  2. Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are flat to negative.
  1. From last 2 days again they have started to sell. 
  2. Yesterday they sold for 150+cr and DII bought for only 85cr
  1. $ at 82.75
  2. Crude at $83.3