Trade setup for 13th March

 Now there is panic in the market as a bank in the US called the silicon valley bank is on a verge of shutting down. This is a bank which has exposure on startups. So the rumour is that the shutting down of this bank will have an impact on new age startups. But now the US govt has stepped in and told that they will support the bank. Now the major question is how many more banks like these are there and will the bubble burst?

Another bank called signature bank is having systemic risks similar to SVB bank.

Elon musk has offered to buy SVB. 

There is a bank in India called SVC(shamrao vittal cooperative). People got confused and there was a huge withdrawal from this bank. Then the management had to comeout and  tell that they are not associated with SVB. These kind of comedy can happen only in India.

There was a job data in the US and the data did not give much direction. The job data was neither good nor bad. Today we have the US cpi data and we hope that this gives some direction to the FED. We have the feb meet in this month. We need to see how the FED will balance the inflation and SVB crisis. Will it pause the rate hike this time?

Adani is repaying the loans which he had borrowed. This is a good news for the company and the ecosystem. This will definitely help getting back the confidence. Now it is the matter of time as to when the crown will be back. Adani has proved that he is not Anil ambani, at least for now.

Saudi Aramco make a profit of $161 billion which is historic.

Indian company, nazara tech says that they have a deposit of 64 cr in the bank. So we can expect some pressure on this stock. 64 is not a huge number though.


  1. My algo is gradually making profits. For the month of march, it has turned positive in the last week.
  2. I am bullish in the market as long as the recent low of 17200 is protected. I am using this dip to go long.
  3. I have taken the below trade in the weekly expiry
    1. -1 X 17400pe n nifty
    2. -1 X 41200ce n banknifty
  4.  I have recently started trading in currency options as well. Will be developing an algo for this. It will be positional and not intraday.
  1. On Friday, they sold for 2000cr and DII bought for 1350cr
  2. For the month, FII are +ve as they have bought for 14000cr. Almost 13k happened on one day.
  1. Crude at $82.9
  2. $ at 81.7